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Comprehensive Estate Planning Services

There are few things in the world more important than the well-being of our families and loved ones. We work daily to ensure they are safe and provided for, but often neglect to address the fact that we will not always be able to do so – whether well into the future or, due to unfortunate and unexpected events, sooner than we would think.

Attorneys versed in the process of estate planning like the team at Murphy, Laudati, Kiel & Rattigan, LLC, can help you ensure that those dear to you will be protected after you cannot do so yourself.

Estate planning may also include legal protections to benefit both you and your loved ones during your lifetime. A conservatorship, one or more powers of attorney and/or a health care directive may serve useful purposes for you while you are living. Alternatively, you may need legal guidance as you assume the role of a caregiver or decision-maker for someone.

When A Conservatorship Becomes Necessary

Conservatorships, established through probate courts, authorize protective relationships for people who need help to care for themselves. A conservator performs duties for someone with dementia or another type of physical or mental incapacity.

Through the creation of a conservatorship, someone who is responsible and caring – usually a close family member – acquires the legal right and duty to make decisions for the needy person (the “conserved”) and manage their assets as needed. If it becomes essential for a conservator to manage your legal and financial affairs or if you are asked to be a conservator for someone close to you, qualified legal counsel can smooth the way for the entire family.

Elements Of A Complete Estate Plan

As numerous cases have shown, simply drafting a will may not guarantee that your loved ones will be cared for and receive the exact assets and treatment you would like them to in all situations.

Though a will is the cornerstone of any estate plan, other considerations, such as, naming someone to control your estate should you be rendered unable to do so by illness or injury, are also vital. For this reason, the attorneys at Murphy, Laudati, Kiel & Rattigan, LLC, offer comprehensive estate planning services including:

  • Drafting wills and living wills
  • Advance medical directives
  • Health care representative appointments
  • Durable powers of attorney
  • Revocable trusts
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Life insurance trusts
  • Irrevocable life insurance trusts

At Murphy, Laudati, Kiel & Rattigan, LLC, estate plans are custom designed to meet the needs of you and your family. In addition to distributing assets, we take care to ensure your loved ones will not be burdened with debts or new expenses should the unthinkable happen. This includes financial decisions you can incorporate now, such as giving cash gifts to children to lessen the estate’s eventual tax burden, as well as plans to be enacted in the future.

Our Firm’s Favorable Reputation In Estate Planning In Connecticut

As our many clients based in the Farmington Valley and beyond can attest, Murphy, Laudati, Kiel & Rattigan, LLC, differs from other firms in terms of our team’s simultaneously instructional and compassionate approach. The process of dealing with one’s own mortality and the thought of leaving loved ones is emotionally difficult, while the relevant legal considerations are quite complex.

Our number one concern is making the process as painless and easy to understand as possible. Clients deal directly with a knowledgeable attorney at all times.

Consult With A Caring, Insightful Estate Planning Lawyer

Each of our attorneys is dedicated to our clients’ complete understanding of the estate planning process. We emphasize providing the comfort and peace of mind of knowing that our clients’ loved ones’ futures have been completely taken care of.

For counsel and assistance in creating or completing your estate plan, call us at 860-689-1195 or send an email inquiry.