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Dismantling The Myths Of Criminal Charges

It doesn’t take much for a situation to change for the worse. One drink over the limit, one set of bad choices, one night when things don’t go as planned; all of these things can result in a life-changing DUI, assault, or drug offense arrest. There is only one law firm you should be calling, and that firm is Murphy, Laudati, Kiel & Rattigan, LLC. We provide legal counsel and services to individuals facing DUI as well as criminal charges. We work to help you get your life back.

If you find yourself in any of these circumstances, seeking the right legal counsel is the first step in moving past an arrest and getting your life back on track.

Dismantling The Myths Of Criminal Charges

What happens when you are charged with an offense such as driving under the influence, possession, sale of controlled substances, or assault? It is the sense of straying into the unknown that makes an arrest so terrifying, so expert legal counsel and support from a firm like Murphy, Laudati, Kiel & Rattigan, LLC, is a must.

A person charged with a criminal offense runs the risk of losing their liberty, their right to vote, their career, a substantial amount of money, or their driving license if the offense involves a motor vehicle. This is in addition to other potential losses, like friends, partners, or reputation.

It is important to remember that not all outcomes lead to worst case scenarios, especially when you have a skilled team of lawyers on your side. Murphy, Laudati, Kiel & Rattigan, LLC, attorneys are well versed in matters involving DUIs or other indiscretions. They will navigate these legal waters alongside you to get you the results required to move forward. Murphy, Laudati, Kiel & Rattigan, LLC, is the firm you need.

What Makes Us Different

We approach each client’s case on a wholly individual basis, examining their personal situation, assessing the charges brought against them, and finally tailoring a suitable defense strategy.

Our skilled team includes lawyers and paralegals with demonstrable track records in this field. We will investigate each case thoroughly. Ensuring that your defense is as strong as it can be. This defense will then be advocated for you fiercely in court by one of our seasoned lawyers. When you choose Murphy, Laudati, Kiel & Rattigan, LLC, you are choosing a firm that gets results.

We understand how terrifying it is to be arrested, particularly when the potential ramifications are so serious and the stakes so high. Our team is available to answer any questions you might have in relation to the legal process of your case here in Connecticut. We are more than happy to use our experience to keep you informed during this time.

We draw upon our legal knowledge while assessing your situation in depth. We will outline a list of realistic and achievable goals for your case, along with a detailed but easy to understand explanation throughout the legal process. Your case may be complex, but together, we will fight to secure your second chance.

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